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it succeeds in referring), then the sentence has a truth value.Now, take this expression in English: "Please add my blog to your blogroll." Does this sentence refer to anything? "my blog" and "your blogroll." But this sentence doesn't assert that my blog is on your blogroll.When we use language, we don't just communicate information or say things about how the world is; when we use language, we things.

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If one were taking a tour of an animal husbandry research facility, the sentence "This room is a pig sty" might express a true proposition about the function of a particular room.

But if the same words were used by a parent, in an annoyed tone, and directed to a teenage child, the real meaning of the expression might be, "Clean up your room!

"The sidebar of Legal Theory Blog contains a link to Balkinization." One answer to that question is pretty straightforward.

There is an object in the world (the sidebar of legal theory blog) and that object includes another, "a link to Balkinization." Simple declarative sentences like this have truth values (or are "truth-apt").

When I extend an invitation to a party, I perform an action--the act of inviting person P to event E.

Speech act theory begins with the idea that language can be used to perform actions.

In this case, the sentence is actually does have a link to Balkinization.

There is a temptation to think that all sentences are like simple declarative sentences in that (1) the meaning of the sentence can be cashed out by the way it refers to the actual world, and (2) if the sentence is meaningful (i.e.

Speech act theory focuses on the ways in which language (both oral and written) can be used to perform actions.

Legal theorists are interested in speech act theory for a variety of reasons, but one of the most important is that speech act theory helps to explain the way that the law uses language.


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