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Themes· Crime and Deviance· Racism· Redemption Emotional Response· Fear- Afraid Derek’s life is threatened.Afraid what will happen to Derek on his return.· Disgust- Seth’s attitude in Derek’s home.

Themes· Crime and Deviance· Racism· Redemption Emotional Response· Fear- Afraid Derek’s life is threatened.Afraid what will happen to Derek on his return.· Disgust- Seth’s attitude in Derek’s home.Basically this blog is for anyone who is doing A2 film studies for the WJEC exam board.

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Unfortunately Daniel is shot dead by a black student called Lamont due to previous conflict at school.

(“When people look at me they see my brother.”) (“I hate the fact that it’s cool to be black…”)Doris Vinyard- The mother of the Vinyard family who has to live with the nightmare of not one son straying from the path of decency but another. ”)Davina Vinyard- She acts as the character in the family who is the opposite of the old Derek’s reason.

(When Seth gets violent on Black Man and his white girlfriend.) (When Derek has to flee from the skinhead hideout.) (Lamont shown in his car with his crew driving through neighbourhood.) The lighting effects act as visual signifiers when crime occurs.· Good use of close ups to show who is talking. Characters Derek Vinyard- The protagonist of this film a villain turned good.

Conflict Binary Oppositions· The Skinheads vs Blacks. He was once a dominant white supremacist and Neo-Nazi skinhead leader as seen in the black and white film stock flashback sequences.

See that he has reformed and saw the error of his ways.· Anger- Cameron tries to corrupt Derek’s brother.· Anxiety- Derek suffers from losing a father.

He is burdened with being man of the house at a young age baring the responsibility of role model.(Drive by, Slow Mo)· Breaks Todorov’s Rules of calm, disruption then equilibrium as the film is opened up in a disruptive state.(Derek kill thugs at the films opening sequence.) (Prop-Gun)· Narrative Structure is focused on redemption and used to make the audience understand how Derek became the way he was and to show that people can redeem themselves.· The Plot is viewed from the POV of Daniel who explains what is occurring through his voice overs as he writes his essay.· Opening Sequences uses enigma codes making the audience ask key questions why did he shoot them dead and what is going on.· The sequences where Derek shoots the black thugs is shown in the opening sequences and later reshown in more detail.· According the Uses and Gratifications, theory of escapism as Derek wants to escape the lifestyle of a skinhead but is constantly drawn into trouble.· Director puts audience into a trance like state using the musical score in combination with slow motion effects to keep control over the mood of the audience.However, he is reformed and sees the error of his ways after spending time in prison.Derek returns home to try and prevent his brother from going forth the same path as he knowing as a role model he should have known better.Also when Derek is taken away by officers.)· Officer covering up tattoo as he drags Derek away so that Daniel doesn’t get inflicted or traumatized by the events occurring.(Slow Mo)· The Non Diegetic Musical score is there to set the mood putting the audience into a trance like state where their emotions are controlled by the expert.Spectators can definitely relate if they too lost parents making it easier for them to forgive.· Happy- Derek’s return home. Macro Elements· Non-linear structure, past sequences explained through flashback sequences.(Racconto Flashback Technique)· Red Herring used at resolution sequences, made us believe Derek would get killed but actually tricking us when Daniel is shot dead instead.This is done through flashback sequences in black and white film stock.The film invokes a strong emotional response to audiences drawn into feeling part of Derek’s family.


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