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The paper analyzes the play `Antigone` by ancient Greek writer and poet, Sophocles.

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It also addresses the question as to whether or not god has given her special favor by making her a hero or whether that favor was removed by allowing her to die for her beliefs.

The setting for the play takes place in the City of Athens, a major center for intellectuals and artists alike.

However, there are some distinct irregularities in the story that do not blend well with the existing culture of the time.

For one thing, Sophocles shifts our focus from a male dominated art by making the main character female, a very unusual move for the time.

Throughout the story, you find that the gods were constantly being questioned or challenged and talked about in some form or fashion.

You get the sense that you really know and understand them even if they are not present in front of you on the stage.Even today, the line is clearly drawn and you have people on both sides.The expression ‘blood is thicker than water’ is not a new one.To do so would be considered a betrayal of the state.While the conflict between Creon and Antigone is the main focus, Creon’s act instills fear into many people resulting in obedience by coercion and not by loyalty.The Chorus raises up honor and praises to Antigone for her support of the oikos, confirming that the Chorus does indeed support Antigone’s decisions.Shortly after, the Chorus once again raises the idea that the legacy of Antigone’s oikos may be the reason for her sorrow by saying, `great has been your fall.The play looks at two conflicting sets of values from different points of view.Antigone, while she values her relationship within the gods unit sincerely believes that the laws of the gods should not take priority over any other more private aspects of her life, especially in more personal matters held within the household.Should they be governed by fate or by individualism?Unlike other plays of the time, the main characters in Antigone could be gods or heroes or they could be unique men and women.


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