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Baum agreed that Trump did not start the increase in distrust, which in fact has decades-old roots.“Conservatives have been attacking the press as biased towards liberals since Watergate,” he said.

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“Because [he] targeted the press as being unreliable, the natural skepticism that the American people have about the information they’re getting became even more distorted,” she said.

She believes that this distrust exists primarily as a result of the digital revolution since the internet has created a problem of quantity over quality in media.

believes factual information that is put out there,” she said.

Moreover, since the 1800s, the media has “It conveys the message to his base that journalism is not an important institution …

Although most media outlets commit to objectivity, members of the party in power still have the perception that the press is trying to bring down their party’s administration.

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Regaining Americans’ trust Restoring faith in the press will be essential for the future of the country.Trump’s rhetoric on the media has undermined this trust, threatening the nation’s democratic system.The Intention: Journalists’ Watchdog Role in Democracy that journalists are an essential component of democracy.A from July confirms the effectiveness of Trump’s tactics; it found that 91 percent of Trump’s “strong supporters” trust the President to give them accurate information while only 11 percent trust the media to play that role.released in September found a divide between members of different parties in their trust of the media to act as a watchdog.Glasser cited the case of Christine Blasey Ford as an example — her accusation that then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her was unknown to the general public before Matthew Baum, professor of Global Communications at the Harvard Kennedy School, agreed with Glasser’s assessment. monitor what’s going on and inform citizens about things that are useful for them to know,” Baum told the HPR.“This is sounding the alarm when something of consequence happens, monitoring crises and bringing it to people’s attention, and holding government and representatives accountable.” In an interview with the HPR, Ann Compton, a former ABC News White House Correspondent, noted the importance of the press’ monitoring role in a democracy: “The press reports on how the government is operating, and it is often that information that encourages the public to demand action of their legislators,” Compton said., to make a nationwide call for newspapers to defend their work by publishing coordinated editorials.“Trump [had] stepped up his rhetoric against the press …While Compton conceded that the diffusion of online media has created more outlets to question and challenge the mainstream press, she emphasized that these online organizations often turn to partisanship to remain distinct from traditional outlets.Seeing partisan views where they expect objective reporting makes people distrust the media.


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