Aqa English Gcse Coursework Marking Scheme

Aqa English Gcse Coursework Marking Scheme-40
I think it's enough to get you a B, but I'm not completely sure.

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For example the source 1 is an article, they have used rhetorical question: “one day off the red stuff?

” The writer has used this technique as it grabs the reader’s attention and makes there reader feel like the text is specifically for them, since the article is showing concern for our planet which is everyone’s home, so everyone can relate, and using the phrase “stuff” instead of meat gives the meat no purpose as its now effecting our planets well-being.

You are going to compare the use of language in two texts, one of which you have chosen.

4 Compare the ways in which language is used for effect in the two texts. (16 marks) Similarly both source 1 and source 3 use rhetorical questions to grip there readers attention, for different purposes.

Hello, I was wondering what mark I need to get in the AQA English Language Higher Tier exam to achieve a B grade overall?

The exam is 40% of the overall GCSE grade and all my coursework is at an A grade.In the January exam I got 48/80 (I don't know what grade this is) and one teacher has told me that mark is good enough to get a B grade overall, however, another teacher has told me this isn't!Okay, so if you could give me a breakdown of all the marks you got for Controlled Assessment then I would be happy to help: Unit 2 (Speaking and Listening): What did you get out of 45 (all the tasks out of 15 added together)?Unit 3 (Written Controlled Assessment: This is out of 80.Ahh I haven't been told the mark I got for each piece of coursework.Whereas source 1 has used an emotive phrase: “climate change” this is used to gain an emotional response from the readers, as they are the main audience to this article as the “climate” has an effect on everyone therefore the readers will have a concern and will feel the stress climbing through as they acknowledge how badly they are damaging the world , they feel a sense of regret and guilt for putting the planet through so many life changing processes that will damage everything. That’s because, as explained further on, the process doesn’t involve remarking exam papers from scratch.Whereas source 3 had used adjectives: “flat black sky”.The narrator has used this in source 3 as this is very vivid, this keeps the reader entertained as it creates a strong imagery of some of the places she had visited while on her journey, this gives the readers full insight of her experience and also makes them feel like they have also been on a looming adventure while reading through this entertaining personal text.If you got As in the speaking and listening and assuming the worst case scenario for the coursework and S L (i.e.the lowest mark for an A) then if my calculations are correct you only need 55% UMS (i.e. I don't know how the UMS conversion was like in the January paper but 48/80 was probably a C.


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