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They are abusing the power that they have been given.The communities have begun not to trust the police because of their conduct toward the citizens.He argues that the only way to stop such racism and brutality is to enforce stricter punishments of officers. This article easily passes the CRAAP Test because it is timely, written by a respected source, and contains current, unbiased content. “Police Brutality: A Statistical Perspective.” Harvard Political Review, 4 Mar. MLA 8 Citation Wihbey, John, and Walter Kille Leighton. Research on Law Enforcement and Racial Conflict.” Journalist’s Resource, Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy,

The police trying to enforce the law are on the streets in all types of weather.

Instead of being at home with their families on holidays they are working to keep peace.

Policemen are a selected few who do a dangerous job.

Police have done many great things to help improve communities, help people during their off duty hours and stand strong in face of many fears.

Police brutality, unfortunately, has been all too prevalent in the news lately. 2015, edu/violenceinamerica/2015/ 02/12/the-history-of-police-brutality/.

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With it being such a controversial topic, chances are you’ll be writing about it in at least one of your classes.

Criminals who have raped and killed have walked on technicalities.

The results have left the officers with a sense of failure by the system.

A number of related videos are also embedded in the article., 17 Nov.

Retrieved September 13, 2017, from Published by The New York Times, this op-ed argues that, although police must be held accountable for their actions, the public must also realize the emotional and psychological difficulties officers face on a daily basis.


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