Argumentative Of Drug Abuse In Sport Thesis

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Jose Canseco said in one interview that he had only one steroid-free season in professional sport because of his private problems.The problem of doping in baseball is urgent and controversial. The average salary of an average outstanding player is about million.

How would you behave if you had a chance to build your successful baseball career?

If you had a chance to use steroids for your benefit, would you take them?

Nearly every famous athlete uses steroids to build his great career in the illegal way. No wonder, they want to stay in their team demonstrating gradual progress and constant development.

In spite of numerous threats caused by doping, baseball players continue taking drugs to increase their performance.

There are many kinds of steroids that influence different processes in our organism. Common steroids shorten recovery time and make athletes get jacked. When you compare a fair player with the cheater, you will notice the difference between their appearances.

It means that a sportsman is able to perform faster, better and higher. The first one is thin and ‘normal’ while the latter resembles a huge truck.Remember about BALCO scandal (this company supplied professional baseball players with the banned drugs).Furthermore, they try to produce such injections that cannot be detected when an athlete is checked on the banned substances. They just refresh an athlete making him recovered and spirited.Without question, it consumes many efforts and energy.It is hard to survive the entire match without being tired.They want to make more money to provide their families.When there is another steroid policy in MLB, smart athletes manage to find various loopholes staying undetected.Every baseball player wants his team to win at any price.No wonder, he will do his best to become a worthy member of his team.The growing popularity of steroids is connected with the rapid development of pharmaceutics.Many medical laboratories and institutes make money producing different types performance-enhancing drugs.


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