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This report discusses how AOB abuse works, how and why it is spreading, and how it is contributing to higher insurance costs for Florida consumers.Please click on the file name below to view the white paper in PDF format.It makes the whole process of paying for medical needs faster and relatively less painful. The problem is coming up when there has been a property loss.

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This mini-industry has cost consumers billions of dollars as they are forced to pay higher premiums to cover needless repairs and excessive legal fees.A recent Florida Insurance Bulletin notes that the new statute allows insurance companies to issue policies preventing an assignment of benefits if insurers offer a premium discount.…Continue Reading Assignment of Benefits (AOB) is certainly a hot button issue in the insurance industry.By continuing to browse this website you accept the use of cookies. You may have figured out that I like to watch the insurance news.Note: Printer fonts may vary by browser and version of Adobe Reader.When engaged by a member of the public to obtain insurance, an insurance broker is expected to possess reasonable knowledge of the types of policies, their different terms, and the coverage available in the area in which their insured seeks to be protected.AOB occurs when an insured assigns its rights to insurance proceeds to a third-party that is not technically an insured under the insurance policy.…Continue Reading Just last week, the Iowa Court of Appeals in 33 Carpenters Construction, Inc. The Cincinnati Insurance Company,1 held that 33 Carpenters, a contractor who was the assignee of a hail and wind storm claim, acted as an unlicensed public adjuster.…An item that is particularly interesting where I live in Florida is the topic of Assignments of Benefits.For those among us who aren’t dealing with this issue yet, let’s define what we’re talking about before we dig into the problem and maybe what Florida is trying to do to fix it.


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