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Our attorneys can also draft agreements that fit your individual needs and desires regarding another party's right to assign contracts.If you have an issue that deals with the assignment of a contract, the attorneys at the Katz Law Group can help you enforce your rights and protect the interests of your business. We focus on preventative counseling, objective advice and guiding our clients toward strategies for mitigating risk while efficiently and effectively conducting business.

During this time, investors are normally busy trying to lock down as many properties as possible.

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If you are the party who wishes to assign your rights, our attorneys can provide you accurate legal advice about what is permissible under your contract.

This will protect your individual and business rights.

They enter into a contract for the work to begin in two weeks.

There is no contract clause which prohibits assignment of the contract.Example: Claire is the owner of House Build, LLC, and is a general contractor who builds houses for developers. Through a formal legal demand and negotiation, you may even avoid the cost and expense of a trial.As part of her agreement, she subcontracts with Bathroom Options, Inc. The contract between the two has a clause which prohibits assignment of the contract without the express permission of both parties. assigns its obligations under the contract to Build-a-Bathroom, LLC without Claire's permission. If the other party refuses to cooperate, you can take them to court to enforce your rights.When assignments of rights and obligations are specifically prohibited by a contract, any assignment will be considered void at the outset.This means that the action taken by the party who attempted to assign its rights or obligations will be nullified.Another very common way of handling contract assignments is to set certain parameters that must be followed before an assignment of a contractual right or obligation will be valid and enforceable.These limitations and requirements are set forth in the original contract, and each party must follow them.With proper drafting of a contract, assignments can be handled legally, effectively, and intelligently.The attorneys at the Katz Law Group have the years of experience needed to effectively draft contracts to fit your business interests and enforce violations by others against your interests.Common limitations include, but are not limited to: If these limitations are not followed, and an assignment is made, it may be deemed invalid and unenforceable.An assignment can radically change who is responsible for certain obligations under the contractual agreement.


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