Banking Concept Education Essay

Necessary participation, attendance, effort in assignments, and so on and so forth are indeed authoritative, however within the classroom dialogue there is a natural conversation that is not hindered by authoritativeness.

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In the instance of true dialectic, the student regards the minimal authority as a non-threat, whereby the student then becomes the final authority on their convictions.

In the real world, this is instrumental in fostering a society of enlightened, open-minded and independent persons.

What Freire means by this is that the banking concept imposes a schism between a person (teacher and/or student) and the “real world”, resulting in the evident demise of his or her true consciousness, since the former can only be realized through the relationships and connections the individual draws from the material to their life.

In this view, Freire claims that by assuming the roles of teachers as depositors and students as receptors, the banking concept thereby changes humans into objects.

The other is genuine dialectic, meaning the teacher poses a question with no intention of steering the dialogue towards a single answer.

Banking Concept Education Essay

Depending on the amount of experience the teacher has under their belt, they can expect a certain percentage of the possible answers, but it is the remaining percent of answers, which they had never actually considered, that they in fact take interest in.

The notion that students believe they are granted true independence in a classroom has consequences in and on the world at large.

Illusory freedom is disastrous because it is a belief in something that is not truth- it does not exist.

Humans (as objects) have no autonomy and therefore no ability to rationalize and conceptualize knowledge at a personal level.

And because of this initial misunderstanding, the method itself is a system of oppression and control.


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