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Best Book On Critical Thinking-34
It is a great tool to come across the first set of survival skills that will pay big dividends later on in life.defines the object of philosophy not as a theory, but as the logical clarification of thoughts and activities.

It proposes the solution to most philosophic problems by means of a critical method of linguistic analysis.

When published, it created a sensation among intellectual circles and influenced the development of logical positivism and changed the direction of 20th-century thought!

The author’s practical and accessible approach illustrates core concepts with real-world examples, extensive practice exercises, and a set of pedagogical features.

It gives an insight into new terminology on how an argument can be evaluated and successfully won.

Anthony Weston has elegantly organized and added new material on oral presentation, web sources, and extended arguments that everyone needs.

The book delivers great amounts of amazing practical advice to think and write more clearly.

It is concerned with the contact between the music of Bach, the artwork of Escher, and the mathematics of Gödel.

The book also throws light upon the prospects for computers and artificial intelligence for mimicking the human brain and thought.

It breaks logic down to its essentials through clear analysis, accessible examples, and focused insights.

is an ultimate compilation and study of verbal logical fallacies available anywhere.


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