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If you are new to history, or have difficulty finding the right words, save or print off these lists and keep them to hand.

If you would like to suggest words for these lists, please make contact with your ideas. Content on this page may not be republished or distributed without permission.

You can also use paraphrase search to learn new words by searching for examples of words/phrases being used in a sentence and paraphrased in a sentence.

Due to how rare and uncommon a lot of the words and phrases are in the database of this paraphrase generator, it can create and exhibit a unique style of writing and vocabulary.

Aside from simply being used as a tool to spin text or paraphrase content, complex sentence generator can be instrumental towards accomplishing a number of additional tasks.

Improving vocabulary, learning new ways to utilize english words and phrases and adding more uniqueness to the process of generating new content.For an article rewriter that is in the form of a bot, it does a good job of respecting english and using replacements that make sense.Content that is written in all caps or with the first letter of every word capitalized can still be rephrased by this software.There were also dramatic climbs, of approximately 30 percentage points, for those with a high school diploma or an unfinished college education (reaching 65% and 85%, respectively, in 2010).Hopefully you’ll start to incorporate some of these key words and phrases in your IELTS Task 1 Writing.Aside from this web based software being used as a paraphrasing tool or a text spinner, it can also be used as a vocabulary improvement tool.The artificial intelligence of this paraphrase generator is so sophisticated that it is capable of understanding context.In the year 2002, only about 58% of the population owned a computer, whereas by 2010, this gradually increased to where over three-quarters of individuals had a home computer.correspond to higher levels of computer ownership in both of those years.In 2002, a significantly low percentage of the population who did not finish high school had a computer, but this figure skyrocketed by 2010, going from 15% to over 40%.Use the dictionary or thesaurus to learn definitions for words or discover more synonyms. After typing or pasting content in the first text box, press the convert button to automatically paraphrase the content.This generator can also work as a random sentence generator.


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