Business Plan For A Bar And Grill

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Who is on your management team and what is your personnel plan?How many bartenders, bar backs, and other staff do you need to get started?

After you decide what to source, lay out how you’ll manage your products and ingredients.

Developing an inventory management system for your bar is important to optimize your daily operations and cut down spending.

Take your time when writing out these descriptions so you can convey the right message to your customers.

Next, talk product sourcing and where everything’s coming from.

Finally, an LLC shields you from personal liability, but the company can never go public.

Next you need to lay out the building blocks of your organizational structure.

For some bars, touting 100 beers on tap is a point of pride, so make sure to identify what your claim to fame will be.

Also, think about sourcing locally, as this can be attractive to certain customer groups.

Finally, write up your competitive comparison to other bars in the area.

Are you offering the same beer selection as everyone else on your block? Keeping track of your competitors allows you to diversify and use your menu as a competitive advantage.


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