Can You Use Etc In An Academic Essay

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For example: However, even if you already have good skills for writing in a formal and objective style, that might not be enough for good academic writing. For example, within the discipline of linguistics, there are different technical vocabularies for the fields of phonology, pragmatics and sociolinguistics.

Secondly, for each different discipline, there are not only differences in vocabulary, but also in style. some of the Arts and Humanities disciplines) expect longer paragraphs, which include topic sentences to show how your argument is structured. Sciences) expect short paragraphs, with no topic sentences, which are denser in factual information.

When your professors or instructors say you should make your writing sound more formal, it means that you should not use some words that are used in a casual written or spoken forms of language.

For example, the language you use in a casual speech in a small get-together or a party is different from the language you use in your academic writing.

For example, in “give a hand”, “hand” would be interpreted as “help” or “assistance”, rather than as the thing at the end of your arm that has four fingers and a thumb.

Conventions refer certain traditions or rules of a context or genre.Firstperson point-of-view refers to using the first-person pronouns I or We.If you write your paper with your co-authors, you might use we in the paper when you are refering to actions or beliefs that you and your co-authors have taken.It means that you should differentiate your use of language for a casual party and for academic writing. If your professors or instructors require you to write something from your own angle, it means that they want to see your own perspectives and your own ways of viewing the world in your writing.It means that you should think about certain topics from your own ways of looking at those topics, instead of reproducing arguments made by others.Third person point-of-view refers to the use of third-person pronouns: .The third person point-of-view has a wide range of uses in both creative and academic contexts. It is formal by avoiding casual or ‘conversational’ language, such as contractions or informal vocabulary.It is impersonal and objective by avoiding direct reference to people or feelings, and instead emphasising objects, facts and ideas. This means that you need to develop a large vocabulary for the concepts and objects which are specific to your discipline(s) of study – e.g. Moreover, you will need to your technical vocabulary for the specialised areas within each discipline.As a reader, you will get certain feelings from a writer’s attitude toward certain topics.For example, if a writer expresses his or her passion in some topics, then the tone of the writing will very excited.


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