Cardboard Letters Covered In Yarn

)These letters, which spell out the phrase LOVED ONES, will become part of my new family photo gallery wall.Because my boyfriend and I share a home, I wanted a phrase that encompassed both our families without being corny.

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For yarn wrapping, remember to wrap all of the shortest sides first before wrapping the rest of the letter.

I tend to cut small pieces of yarn and glue them on the ends to help prevent bulk, but if you prefer not to use hot glue then I recommend just wrapping the other direction (but more on that in part two!

Sometimes I find it easier to build the letter as I go to ensure a good fit, hot gluing one side on at a time before measuring and cutting the next side.

On the other hand, you can try to cut all the sides at once.

Remember that the total thickness will include the two extra layers of cardboard for the front and back of your letters, and the walls or sides of the letters will fit in between these.

I usually go with 1 ½” for my letters, but it varies with the overall size and number of the letters.

Be sure to trace two copies of each letter for the front and back.

Carefully cut out the letters with the tool of your choice, though I recommend the Olfa craft knife from ample experience with cardboard.

Once you’ve decided on the thickness, divide sheets of cardboard into strips of that thickness.

I usually use one flap of the box long ways and another flap short ways to have varying lengths.


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