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Cellulase production also requires the development of a suitable bioprocess and the medium for fermentation constituting a cheap substrate such as wheat bran which is a low-cost agro-industrial residue.

Since the enzyme production from microbial source is a multivariable controlled process, it becomes essential to optimize the key factors i.e.

Microbial enzymes are also preferred on industrial scale due to their easy production process, plentiful supply and better controllability on all phases of the enzyme production .

Nowadays, bacteria are becoming preferred choice for the isolation and production of different enzymes due to their higher growth rate, multiple enzyme complexes and ability to tolerate wide variety of environmental stress .

The enriched broth was again inoculated into 100 ml of 1% CMC and incubated under same conditions.

This process was repeated 3-4 times and finally the microorganisms from the enriched broth were isolated by spread plate technique.Firstly, appropriate dilutions of enriched broth were prepared and then plated on wheat bran agar medium containing (for 100 ml): wheat bran 1 g, peptone 0.5 g, yeast extract 0.5 g, agar 2 g.Plates were incubated at 37°C for 48 h and pure cultures were obtained by repeated streaking (streak plate technique) on wheat bran agar medium and stored at 4C for 48 h.Senior Research Fellow, Avantha Centre for Industrial Research & Development, Paper Mill Campus, Yamuna Nagar – 135 001 (Haryana) and Ph D student at Department of Biotechnology, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra - 136 119 (Haryana) The agricultural organic wastes pose major environmental issues and their inappropriate disposal is a major cause of pollution while these as cheap lignocellulosic resources can be utilized for many value added products such as enzymes.The purpose of the present study was to utilize wheat bran as a sole substrate for enhanced cellulase production under submerged fermentation (SMF) or solid state fermentation (SSF) and optimize the various process variables involved in the selected fermentation type.The optimum conditions included incubation time- 72 h, temperature- 45C, p H- 6, inoculum size- 14% with 1:4 as wheat bran and tap water ratio.The production of cellulase using only moistened wheat bran was demonstrated and found to be significantly controlled by incubation time and temperature while p H showed the least effect.media composition and environmental conditions for obtaining high titer and productivity of enzyme .For this, statistical tool can provide the benefit of optimization of different variables on the basis of their mutual interactive and influential role for a specific response.Since cellulose is insoluble in water therefore its analogue CMC was used as a cellulosic substrate in the medium.To isolate the bacteria, 5 g of the samples both heat treated and without any treatment were inoculated into 100 ml of 1% CMC (by mass per volume) and the enrichment was carried out by incubating under shaking (200 rpm) for 24–48 h at 37C.


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