Clean And Green Nature Essay

Urbanisation, industrialisation and over­crowded living have primarily been responsible for this menace.Pollution is also caused by vehicles, supersonic jets, smoke-producing factories, radio-active elements, etc.As a result, what is detrimental to environment is opposed today.

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I have seen many attempts, successful and failing, that can counter pollutions.

For me there are first steps, and then we can move on to larger inventions and changes in our daily lives.

According to many scientists, the factor which influences the growth of individuals most is environment.

But unfortunately, the various elements of environment such as, air, water, land, etc., are polluted and contaminated.

Another cut down may be to prevent forest fires which release toxic gases into the air.

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This simple step can create larger solutions to pollution formed from the lack of preservation of the environment.Baby steps are a great start to saving the environment.Here are a few steps to start us off: instead of driving everywhere, ride your bike, not only is it exercise, but it will stop car pollution., lessen your garbage production, not only does this reduce garbage overflow but it prevents pollution from the landfills, and recycling can reduce garbage overflow and reuse many resources that can help reduce pollution from factories.When Wordsworth describes the daffodils dancing in the breeze or when our eyes alight on a painting by William Turner, our hearts are filled with an indescribable emotion.If a mere representation can move us so much, imagine the power of the real thing.‘Save Narmada Agitation’ that is currently going on in western India is a shining example in this respect.In its simplest connotation, the term ‘environment’ means the surrounding habitat of man.These inventions can be a great start to preventing pollution.In addition to these inventions, cuts on polluting actions should be made.These steps can help to reduce pollution around the world.As I said before, baby steps, then more effective and larger suggestions may be equipped to this serious problem.


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