Coca Cola Case Study Strategic Marketing

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Large scale bottling for the brand became a reality in 1899 when John Lupton, Joseph Whitehead and Benjamin Thomas bought the rights to bottle and package from Asa Candler for $1 (Standage, 2005).

The three business individuals from Chattanooga Tennessee established the Coca-Cola worldwide bottling system.

Pemberton died after selling part of his business to different people. Candler bought most of the stakes and continued the business after Pemberton’s death which saw the distribution of the beverage go beyond Atlanta.

In the year 1894, Biedenharn Joseph put up the first bottling factory inside his Mississippi soda fountain since the demand was growing exponentially and there was desire to make the beverage portable to other parts and states.

It has always faced large varied nature of challenges ranging from competition, law suits, and even customer doubt on the safety of use of the beverage.

All these has always had an impact on the sales of the product and sometimes the management has always resorted to tough campaigns to reclaim the markets with decreasing sales or to reassure the customers of its continued responsibility.

The marketing strategies that have made it a home brand for the many people who love it.

The paper also looks at its diversification in different products that have made the company still maintain a leading edge over it competitors throughout the world.

In this project, there is a gap in the knowledge in the market penetration of the Coke product and its brands that has prompted its study.

There is need to understand the way coke navigates through the existing market and its approach to new markets amidst competition from other brand and still maintain excellent stakes in the market worldwide.


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