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Academic diversity is a huge boon at Cof C, and within each major “there are plenty of students from different perspectives and the curriculum in class encourages the sharing of ideas from those perspectives.”Professors “care how well their students perform and help them find opportunities through networking and general encouragement.” The ideal size of the school creates “a great student to professor ratio.” Faculty are “engaged, knowledgeable, and passionate about the subject matter they teach,” and they are “eager to engage with students that are excited to study and learn.” The location and the school’s reputation make for tons of internship and professional opportunities, and everything the school has to offer is available to all.If you need anything from academic advising to counseling or career planning, there are people here “with the passion and resources to help.” Students who want to hone key leadership skills can opt into The College of Charleston's Leadership Certificate Program at any point during their college career.We define leadership beyond just holding a title." 2016 graduate Warren Steele told us that he was "extensively involved" with the Leadership Center throughout his tenure at Cof C, and he explained why his leadership training has been so valuable: "Knowing the difference between leading and managing, how to facilitate positive change, and understanding the philosophy that sometimes some of the most influential leaders do not have a title all are concepts that contributed to my success in my undergraduate experience and are also aiding in my graduate studies." Undergraduate tuition* is ,418 (resident) and ,600 (non-resident). For on-campus and off-campus students the weighted average room and board cost is ,664, which includes ,287 for room (housing) and ,377 for board (food).

In the scattergram above, the blue and green dots represent accepted students.

You can see that the majority of admitted applicants had high school averages of "B" or higher, combined SAT scores of 1000 or higher, and ACT composite scores of 20 or better.

Located in the heart of historic Charleston, South Carolina, the College of Charleston is a nationally recognized public liberal arts and sciences university.

Founded in 1770, the College is among the nation's top universities for quality education, student life and affordability. Over 10,000 undergraduates and approximately 1,000 graduate students at the College enjoy a small-college feel blended with the advantages and diversity of a mid-sized, urban university.

A College of Charleston education is consistently excellent and constantly evolving.

We're proud to offer nearly 140 majors and minors, which empower our talented students to explore every inch of the expanding intellectual universe.

The Office of Financial Assistance and Veterans Affairs administers scholarships, grants, loans, work study and Veterans benefits.

Please explore our website for information about those programs.

Applicants can strengthen their applications further by providing some of the optional application materials: a résumé of your extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and an interview.

A superior public university with personality to spare.


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