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If you aim to launch your business, the strong venture capital community in NYC will be an asset.The Columbia Venture Capital club will offer you huge networking opportunity with the prominent VCs in NY. How do I compete with much stronger candidates in my applicant pool? Should I retake the GMAT and then apply in Round 2? Here is kind of a logic map:- Paragraph One: My career aspiration over the next 3~5 years is to achieve X.

Professors E, F and G are some of the best thought leaders in the domain of A, B and C.

Hence, I wish to study A, B and C under their tutelage.

For the Columbia student, not only do internship and job opportunities abound, but also the school itself enjoys a close connection with Wall Street, and its faculty boasts a crop of renowned hedge fund managers.

How will this and allied advantages impact your MBA experience?

Paragraph Three: From Columbia Business School, I need knowledge of subject A, B and C.

Paragraph Two: Talk about the skills and competencies that you lack right now that is preventing you from achieving this X.

” CBS admissions committee knows every aspect of their program – core and elective courses, famous faculty members, student driven clubs, access to Wall Street and so on.

How to convey my strengths and convince the schools that I have the ability to become a successful leader? Have a Skype session with our Founder & Director, who is an expert on MBA admissions in order to formulate your school selection strategy and chalk out your overall message to various schools. Here are some examples of possible answers for the Columbia MBA short answer question: While answering the Columbia MBA essay question 1, look at the mirror and just think “what do I need from Columbia in order to accomplish my career goals?

So, please take the liberty to become creative while describing your long term career aspiration.

You may feel that your aspiration is too big to achieve, then it is perfectly fine.


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