Creative Writing Piece Example

You can weave in personal anecdotes, experiences, and metaphorical language which gives one's writing that pizazz and individualist factor!

Moreover, you can showcase how you have perceived and interpreted the characters within the novel/film, the landscapes they inhabit.

encountering conflict), the reading and creating essay needs to offer a relevant interpretation of the text as well as show understanding of the text’s messages and how the text creates meaning.

The easiest way to write a creative response that links clearly to the text is to write about a scenario that is related to the plot line.

Or, you could tell it in first-person from another character’s point of view to demonstrate another interpretation of the text.

College Essay Guide - Creative Writing Piece Example

You may also include motifs from the text into your own response.

However, imaginative writing also has many pitfalls students tumble into (do not despair; you can get out of it!

):1) Don't get too caught up in emotions and flowery language.

I interpreted this as 'ignorance is not bliss' and instead, it breeds fear in people.

This is in relevance with the tragic events that has occurred in recent years - acts of terrorism, and/or racially motivated attacks.


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