Critical Thinking Excercises

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Working in small groups, they then added arguments to be shared more widely as part of the collaborative learning exercise. With the opposing views captured, this became the perfect fodder for a healthy debate.

But we wanted to take it one step further to work out which arguments were the strongest.

Critical thinking is a skill that only few possess. Do you want to develop the skill to think with strategic intent and direction?

Do you want to develop your critical thinking skills?

That’s why Andrew Carnegie said that the first prerequisite for success is to concentrate your thoughts and your energies on the task at hand.

And here is the prime condition of success, the great secret.

You must see yourself as being capable of handling the situation. Learn to concentrate on a single task or problem The second step to developing your critical thinking skill is to learn how to concentrate on a single task or problem at a time.

Those who get things done are those who focus on solving one problem first before moving on to another.

Adopt every improvement, have the best machinery and know the most about it.

If there is one critical thinking technique that I have personally tested and proven, it’s thinking in solitude.


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