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The consultant responds to the lawmaker's argument by Option A : The consultant does reject the lawmaker's argument, but the consultant does not propose higher standards.Indeed, in suggesting that the board should be retained, the consultant implies that the board's standards are appropriate.The information given, however, includes the statement that Greatport cars areless likely to be involved in collisions than are Fairmont cars.

It follows, therefore, that continued production of the drug must inevitably lead to the ibora's extinction.

Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the argument above?

Option E : Since the argument isconcerned solely with collision-insurance costs and profits in Greatport and Fairmont, comparing the cost of insurance in those towns with the costofinsurance elsewhere would provide no useful insight. The tulu, a popular ornamental plant, does not reproduce naturally, and isonly bred and sold by specialized horticultural companies.

Unfortunately, thetulu is easily devastated by a contagious fungal rot.

Option A : The method of the drug's distribution is irrelevant, unless the central authority can limit the drug's production from the bark of wild ibora trees. Option B : The cost of producing the drug does notaffect the outcome for the treeunless it deters production.

Option C : The existence of uses for other parts of the tree opens the possibility that the ibora-bark drug would cause no increase in destruction of trees other than what exists already.

Clearly, therefore, insurance companies are making a greater profit on collision-damage insurance in Greatportthan in Fairmont.

In evaluating the argument, it would be most useful to compare Option A : The level of traffic congestion probably contributes to the frequency of collisions in each town.

Option A : Releasing such an announcement would helpovercome the problem if it guaranteedthat no one would buyor sell tulu plantsbefore the plantswere 30 weeks old, but it is far from certain that such an announcement would guarantee this.

Option B : Since some people maynot be aware of the significance ofsuch labeling, such labeling might have very little effect.


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