Define Self-Esteem Essay

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A person with positive feelings regarding the self is said to have high self-esteem.

However, self-esteem can refer to very specific areas as well as a general feeling about the self.

"The self-concept is a factual description of how you perceive yourself.

If your perception is distorted, this description may not be an accurate depiction of you, but it IS an accurate statement of what you believe about yourself." We all have a sense of self.

Most frequently this is directed at the self but it can also be directed at other people. Individuals with low self-esteem often determine goals and direction in life based upon what others might want or need.

They often feel that their needs or desires are unimportant. This negativity may not always be externally observed but internal self-talk is usually negative.

For instance, "I don't have a good sense of direction" can be just a statement of fact without feeling good or bad about it.

Self-esteem is the regard or respect that a person has for oneself.

The self-concept is derived from self-esteem and self-efficacy.

If a person has low self-esteem, the self-concept may be skewed in the direction of a negative description.


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