Describe An Accident Scene Essay

Describe An Accident Scene Essay-42
I told my sister that I wanted to help the victims and she nodded silently.

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they were conscious although too weak to realize what had happened.

One of them had her left hand severed and appeared unconscious. In the meantime passers-by had called the ambulance and while waiting we tried as best as possible to help the victims. I dashed into the bus and saw the driver laid slumped on the wheels. While my sister helped him down from the bus, I told the injured school children to stay calm.

This essay is based on the prevention of car accidents on the roads mainly on the streets of Dubai.

The provision of highways are resulting in convenience for the peoples but the main problem which is faced by the government of any country is that the more frequent road accidents which are happening on the highways which results in severe damage in form of man power or infrastructure and mainly it is happening in big cities like UAE or Dubai which are having large road transport.

Most of them appeared to suffer from minor cuts and bruises on their arms and bodies.

Describe An Accident Scene Essay

it was really fortunate that nobody was badly hurt.A few cars behind the school bus rammed into the bus as they could not brake in time and soon it became a pile up.The already congested road became jammed with vehicles that came to a crawl.By then a few adults had entered the bus and together we instructed the children to come out of the bus slowly. Two policemen were taking down statements from eye-witnesses.The children were crying and screaming for their parents and we had to hug them to keep them quiet. The injured and the dead were whisked away to the hospital.My sister and I later gave an account to the police of what had happened. In fact, many drives were also late for their work.I informed my teacher of the accident and both felt that it could have been prevented if the drivers had been more careful. The other main reason which can cause massive accident is consumption of alcohol during driving.There are some stats related to the car accidents in UAE- There are four factors which are responsible for these types of road car accidents which are- The failure of some equipment inside the machine working of a car resulting into serious car accident is known as Accident due to Equipment Failure. Throughout the day, I could not eat or drink anything. Soon the ambulance arrived and took him to the hospital. I could catch one of such miscreant and handed him to the police.


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