E Waste Recycling Business Plan

E Waste Recycling Business Plan-82
The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (Department) formed an external workgroup to provide advice and guidance to the Department in developing regulations to implement Connecticuts E-waste recycling law.

Founded in 2008 in Noida, Attero has also established one of India’s largest electronics refurbishing facility, backed by cutting edge technology, to extend the useful life of old electronics and promote reuse.

Tapping the E-waste Collection: New Delhi-based e-waste management startup Karma Recycling focuses on conserving resources through systematic collection, reuse, dismantling and recycling of electronic waste.

Mobile phones hold an important portion of increasing e-waste levels and various organizations are already working with mobile phone manufacturers to adopt a sustainable business plan with recyclability options.

The waste from discarded electronics leads to a growing threat to health and environment every year.

The Green Super Heroes team basically consists of the garbage and waste pickers that go door- to - door for collection of recyclable products .

Note: This provision is in addition to and shall not be deemed to limit any claims of confidentiality under the Open Public Records Act, N.

Isidore is R2 (Responsible Recycling) certified, and one of the most certified companies in the e-waste industry.

Founded by Kabira Stokes, The social enterprise accepts all forms of electronic items including computers, laptops, printers, digital cameras, power cords, microwaves, satellite components, etc.

We all have that one unused and unwanted gadget that we have bought thinking we could do so many things with it.

Like other people, we all end up using only the best aspect of the gadget again and again.


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