Ecological Problems Essay

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Of course politicly this would never happen, but it's a probable cure all for the ailment.

As to the plastic situation in England there exists a company that converts plastic to oil, I'm sure your aware of it Green Beston.

If we continue as we are, the world will suffer irreversibly.

Saying no to driving more will reduce your carbon footprint, as will switching off electrical items when they’re not in use.

To help, you can buy more recycled and organic products, limiting the amount of paper and cardboard you use.

Pollution is one of the primary causes of many of the other environmental concerns, including climate change and biodiversity.It is essentially every living thing and ecosystem that makes up the environment.From the tallest giraffe to the smallest microorganism, everything plays an important role in the maintenance of our world. But as time goes on, we’re seeing new environmental concerns.As the new year approaches, we all need to be ready and prepared to tackle the 5 main environmental threats in 2019.With natural wildfires, illegal logging and the mass amount of timber being harvested for commercial use, our forests are decreasing at an alarming rate.As well as reducing our supply of oxygen, the loss of forests is contributing around 15% of our greenhouse gas emissions.But with the increase in global warming, pollution and deforestation, biodiversity is in danger.Billions of species are going or have gone extinct all over the world.More importantly, we need to educate the world on the effects and severity of global warming, before it’s too late.There are a wide range of initiatives in place to combat the biggest environmental concerns – from recycling schemes to major legislation reforms.


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