Embalming Thesis

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Along with the bodies, organs, food, treasure, and other physical artifacts that were to be of practical use to the person in their afterlife, tombs with mummies also typically contained many elaborate pieces of artwork, from the statuary of the sarcophagus -- the container of the mummy itself -- to the hieroglyphs and paintings that adorned the walls of many of the tombs' rooms.

The Ancient Egyptians saw things very differently than today's world does.

These difference in perspective were by no means limited to death and funerary rites, or the concept of an afterlife, but this was one huge aspect of Egyptian culture tat has changed drastically over the millennia.

The Christian phrase often uttered at funerals, "from ashes to ashes, and from dust to dust," echoes this concept in our modern era, though we might not give the matter too much thought.

The meanings behind and implications of such funerary and death rites are at least as varied as the cultures that produce them, with each civilization holding its own beliefs about the intricate interplay between, life, death, and the spiritual journey that lies between the two.


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