Equal Opportunities And Diversity Essay

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The data was collected through an audio recording for further analysis.

The data was collected through an audio recording for further analysis.This approach was selected because it is relatively informal and does not require a lot of time to get the required information (Yin, 2010).

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This is because of the fact that a diverse workplace comprises of different talents, skills and experiences, and if these differences are combined and directed towards the achievement of a common goal, it is certain that it will be advantageous to the organization.

In another research on workplace diversity, Herring (2009) established that effective management of a diverse workforce increases creativity and problem solving.

Given that diversity will be almost inevitable in future, organizations have to ensure that they put the most effective diversity management practices in place.

There is also a legal advantage of managing diversity in organizations and encouraging inclusion.

It is worth noting that there are different types of diversity in workplaces.

These include gender, race and religion (Poster, 2008).

Abstract Diversity in organizations has been increasing, especially in the past decade.

This has brought about the need for managers in organizations to ensure that they implement effective policies that will not only reduce discrimination but also increase the productivity of their diverse workforces.

Companies that have created a reputation for effective management of diversity have the advantage of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce, which comes with diverse talents and capabilities.

Inclusion in the workplace motivates employees by creating in them a sense of belonging.


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