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You can have anything you want, murmurs a husky, seductive voice coming from one of the ubiquitous Eye of Sauron-orange light fixtures that adorn the interiors. In fact, we’ll wrap up that cheeseburger and turn it INTO a spring roll. Here’s the tricky part: While it’s easy to poke fun at the Cheesecake Factory, the food is fresh and much of it is well-executed. (On the Cheesecake Factory online menu, “peppermint” yields one result.

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The manner of serving food is also conducted in a high class system as they do offer meals in different preferences such as appetizers, salads, desserts, pastas, snacks, freshly baked breads specialties and main meals specialties (All menus, 2014).

The restaurant has also implemented the innovative style of always creating new recipe meals in order to enrich the culture of the society continually as well as enhance the satisfaction of consumers.

The temporary manager Shirleen was very pragmatic while assisting me to be efficacious with my assignment.

She was very social and did answer all the questions I asked directly and managed to provide clear explanations that offered an in-depth understanding of both the restaurant and her management position.

All meal can be ordered on takeout thus creating even greater levels of satisfaction for all clients.

The food is simply delicious as it is made by professionally trained and highly experienced teams of chefs.

They were very ready to answer any questions I had and did offer quality services in accommodating me for the day.

It was a very pleasant visit that did yield valuable results with the interview.

Even though it was not a primarily needed answer to get, Shirleen did firmly stick to her choice of not explaining why she was currently working as a temporary manager rather than as a permanent employee at the cheesecake factory restaurant.

The employees did essentially place great effort in their serendipitous treatment towards the interview visit.


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