Essay About Management Problems

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Planning involves identifying goals, objectives, methods, resources, and responsibilities and dates for the completion of tasks.

Planning and organizing human resources can be quite a challenge given the complex structure of today’s organisations.

Under this Harvester management setup, a lot of problems emerged. Resources and skills were under-utilized (Ashness and Lashley, 1995).

Too much attention was given to processes and not on the attentive values.

At this point, there seems to be a problem with the layers of management.

In this structure, decisions are made at the top and passed down through several intermediaries.

The restaurant unit manager reports directly to a regional manager.

Four regional managers are directly accountable to the operations managers (north and south divisions) while the operations managers report to the managing director.

Its previous management setup was thought to be obstructing the way its employees commit themselves to the quality of their service to customers.

Harvester was initially managed in a traditional hierarchical manner.


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