Essay About Traffic Laws

The fact that teenagers are young members of society and who have little life experience is enough to disqualify them as drivers.

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Some also consider driving as games where they try various skills through dangerous and unsafe practices.

Since teenagers are in the developmental process and have interest to know many, they become vulnerable to distractions (Plotnik & Kouyoumjian, 2011).

Road carnage statistics gathered in 2010 indicates that 2700 teens between 16 and 19 years died in road accidents where drivers were teenagers.

Besides the deaths, about 282000 of teenagers suffered serious injuries from car crashes that necessitated their admission in emergency departments.

This criteria used by insurance companies of charging low premiums on teenagers who have good grades is dismissive and misleading.

There some teenagers who may have low school grades but have excellent physical and judgmental ability that can enable them manage car on the road.

They will try doing many things on the board of car when driving to in bid to learn how the car operates.

This has seen teenage drivers over-speed and make emergency breaks even when not necessary.

This means that when left alone to drive car on the roads, teenagers will be at high risks of perishing in case of an accident.

As young members of the society, teenagers are usually at their late stages of development and tend to learn many things.


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