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The drivers of the bullock-carts and horse-carriages and the tillers of the soil are some of the living examples of inhuman cruelty to animals. So we should always be kind and considerate to them.

I will always stop and pull over to help a tortoise across the road.

Although one time it was an alligator snapping turtle which is why I always hop out with a lacrosse stick to scoot critters along.

If wildlife comes too close to home, look for ways to coexist or to protect your property humanely, check out our Dos and Don’ts.

Create an inviting space in your yard and garden for butterflies, hummingbirds and other creatures.

My friends joke around that I love dogs more than I love people, that I go to their houses more to kick it with their animals than to chill with them, and that if I could get away with it I would have a menagerie in my house. Even cats, which I am allergic to, I end up petting if they wind up on my lap.

I think the whole cat person versus dog person thing is so silly.Each grade level covers four areas relating to the Kindness 100 Humane Pledge and supports Common Core Standards.Please click on the appropriate age group below to download these fun, helpful, and informative materials.However, those dreams were quickly dashed by my sensible parents who recognized we were, at max, a two dog household.That didn't stop me from loving almost every four legged animal I came upon – anything with more than four legs is immediately excluded from my love due to them being icky.But do we show our gratefulness to them through kind treatment.It is the children who are unkind to the animals for the sake of their sport.Tips to find the animal companion that’s right for you and develop a bond that will last a lifetime can be found here. Our pledge features four easy things every American can do to help to build a better world for animals and Be Kind to Animals for another 100 years. Animal cruelty and abuse is not only tragic for animals, but also an indicator that other forms of abuse.I won't go down the road of eating animals because I enjoy meat as much as the next girl.I think it's one thing to specifically raise animals to be used for nutritional value, same as it's one thing to go out and hunt for the purpose of food, using the skins for things, etc. I want to stress the importance of caring about animals.


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