Essay On Education Of Girls

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In this context thus, let us remember to what the mother teaches the child is all-important andpervasive.

For this important work of girls and womb feel that, they need education and, their negligence in tell field is a mishap for the country.

In a country like India, female education is being appreciated day by day.

But a few years ago, the situation was not like now.

However, in this process of thought we are inclined to forget that, to give birth to the next generation and to bring up this new generation is the basic and all important task not only for the family but also for the society and the country.

What the mother teaches the child deeply embedded in the heads and the hearts and eat the little soul.So there is really high importance of educated wife in a family.We should bring equality in the education system all across the world.But a few years earlier, girls were really rare in school and colleges. There are huge controversies about education for a girl.But right now, in some boards, girls are doing far better than boys. Due to the increase in their education ration, they are participating everywhere. Some people present really funny and weak logic to prevent a girl’s education.People are changing and they are being smart and educated.Educated people can realize the importance of girl’s education.If we all start trying, then there will be a change and this change will change the world. A round the world girls and women are treated as number two citizens – all luxuries, comforts and even necessities must first be provided for boys and men, and only then, if available, can percolate to girls and women.That’s why they need to pay attention to education. In your family, of course, you don’t want an illiterate wife. But why, because the future of your kids depends on that.If she is educated, there is a high chance for your kids to be educated.


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