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The East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition holds quarterly coalition meetings in Knoxville on the first Thursday of February, May, August and November. Serving the entire state of Wisconsin, WCC has provided education and outreach regarding alternative fuels, vehicles, infrastructure, fuel efficiency improvements and idle reduction.WCC has been instrumental in securing federal and state funding to implement many projects across the state of Wisconsin.of Transportation (a significant biodiesel user in the state).

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As of October 2014, 4 more are expected to be completed in 2015. ETClean The State of Wisconsin has one Clean City coalition designated in 1994 called Wisconsin Clean Cities (By talking to my family and friends about these methods and checking them when they fail, I could help to keep my city looking clean.Anyone visiting Delhi should want to come back again to this beautiful capital that is forever making every Indian Proud of it.They help to keep the temperature low and they provide shade and comfort.I would love to organize tree planting camps and my friends and I could utilize our free time by planting saplings at home and along roads.I would even persuade my friends to be conscious of the fact that noise producing toys, electrical gadgets etc should not be used.Horns in cars and other vehicles should be low in volume and they should be used sparingly.WCC also reported a greenhouse gas emission reduction at 57.9 tons in 2012, a 99% increase from the previous year.Empire Clean Cities is the Clean Cities coalition for New York City & the Lower Hudson Valley (Westchester, Rockland, & Putnam Counties).September 6, 2011 - Environmentalist touts Yellowstone's eco success story September 20, 2011- South Shore Clean Cities award electric vehicles to northern Indiana cities.October 16, 2011 - All charged up, but nowhere to plug December 16, 2011 - Tube City IMS Brings Lean and Green Locomotive to Northwest Indiana The Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority.


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