Essay On Latest Fashion Trends

Essay On Latest Fashion Trends-14
“Fashion is the mold of the contemporary, in its ability to join in the dynamics between the individual and society” [FIORANI, 2006] Fashion is something we deal with every day.

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It can be anything, right from the Retro style ‘Bell Bottoms’, Bobby prints, smart textiles, Sadhana cut, Size zero and body modulation such as tattooing, piercing or surgeries.

We all know “It is costume which establishes the individual’s identity in society” and therefore keeping my scope of study limited to the apparel trends and its impact which has inspirations from our history which goes back to 4000-5000 BC.

Being beautiful and attractive is one of the most delightful feelings which human-being are keen to experience.

Having updated styles in terms of appearance could widely gift such feeling.

By the way of illustration, one of the serious complications for parents is to tackle their children wasting time in shopping centres or surfing on the Internet pursuing the newest clothing etc.

Fashion and latest trends are not restricted to hair style or costumes only.

Right from Indus valley civilization followed by Maurya, Sunga, Satvahan, Kushan, Gupta, Mughal& British these periods showed the identifying fashion trends.

Even after the strong Impact of the Britishers, we Indians have kept our tradition perpetual and carried forward, but the ongoing and upcoming western trends are engulfing our Indian society at large.

For one, because of the fact that acquiring the latest fashion facilities entails a great deal of money, people are impelled to spend much of their budget for fulfilling their to look attractive.

Furthermore, wasting time for thinking and searching in fashion world could be mentioned as another demerit of such time-consuming activities.


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