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Surely there are tens of thousands of serviceable Carousels at work today, and they won't be soon junked, especially as long as the weakest digital projector retails for five times the price of a Carousel.

For many years, dual Carousels and twin projection screens have been a hallmark of sessions at the Geological Society of America.

-- Edward Tufte It is certainly the case that digital projection shares many of the problems of analog (e.g.: where are the switches for the house lights? However, the upside-down or backwards problem has tended to be a matter of training.

All the geologists I know place a dot on each slide to indicate orientation (if right- handed, your thumb covers the dot as you drop it into the slide tray).

It is possible to calculate projection distance and screen size by moving the on-screen projector, or entering numeric values.

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Unfortunately, technology makes even the analog slide projector open to potential misuse.

Most copy houses can print digital files (even powerpoint foils! The integrity of an analog 35mm slide cannot be validated with any more authority than a digital image.

-- Mark Hineline (email) Here is the complete notice: July 14, 2003 Kodak Pre-discloses Plans To Discontinue Slide Projectors and Accessories in 2004 Eastman Kodak Company has confirmed plans to discontinue the manufacture and sales of slide projection products and accessories in June of 2004.

This early disclosure is being made to key user groups in order to allow time for adoption of a replacement technology or purchase of backup slide projector products.


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