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One should also remember that black liberation was a potpourri of disparate revolutionaries, from internal and external exile.

Even internally you had different persuasions and formations. You needed a political genius like him to reconcile all these forces that were tearing one another apart, otherwise the result would have been carnage.

But when it was written, some accepted it and others did not.

One major point of departure was “Who was an African?

To do that there had to be the reconciliation of everyone, and that included wearing a Springbok jersey in the heart of Afrikanerdom at the Rugby World Cup in 1995.

One should also not forget his tireless efforts in Zululand to bring the separatist Inkatha Freedom Party to accept the idea of a unified country. When his magic was done, he quit after one five-year term in office, unlike most leaders of our times, and handed the economic redress baton to his successors.

We have to achieve economic parity, before non-racialism can become a reality. Black capital formation was destroyed by colonialism. We have to build our own institutions and economies.

We discussed parallel economic institutions for blacks. The Afrikaners did it when in 1948 they took power from the English, who through their political domination had monopolised the economics.

His aim was to secure the nation and political power, then the future generations could secure the economic emancipation of the country.

As Dr Kwame Nkrumah said, “Seek ye first the political kingdom, and all shall be added unto you.” As we all know about Ghana, the economic kingdom was not added due to various factors.


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