Essay On What It Means To Be A Team Player

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The contest was designed to engage players in an educational manner while encouraging them to express their thoughts on what life skills they learn from playing hockey.

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Being a part of the team also gives me a sense of pride.

When you belong on a team you feel proud to walk into the arena with your dress clothes on, and to go to events with your matching coats and hats.

My friends and I swim in the pool together and play mini sticks in the halls of the hotels.

Third, being part of a team is what allows me to play my favourite game, hockey.

Being part of a team means a lot of things and I would like to share what being a part of a team means to me.

The best part of belonging to a team is getting to hang out with your friends.The Ontario Minor Hockey Association is proud to announce the grand prize winner and finalists of the fourth annual Essay Contest presented by Respect in Sport.This year's theme was ‘Being Part of a Team Means'.Lots of my teammates have played with me since we were little.We have become close friends and I know that once we are older, and have our own kids in hockey, we will help coach their teams and probably play in a men's league together - as teammates again. Owen Munnings - Dunnville Being a part of a team means keeping your focus on what hockey is truly about, which is having fun.I am the goalie on our Minor Bantam AA team and being a goalie means that you are by yourself a lot of the time.Having my teammates to celebrate big wins with and to even share losses with makes me really feel like part of the team. They congratulate me on big saves and I cheer for their beauty goals.I like playing hockey for exercise, speed, shooting and passing.When I play hockey as a team, I love celebrating with my teammates when I score, cheering on my teammates, and working together to make nice plays. Being part of a team means representing my community, making friendships and playing the game I love.Everyone recognizes that you belong to the Nighthawks and want to ask questions and talk about hockey with you.And finally, belonging to a team means that I will have friends for life.


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