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Some of us are “more than” folks (me, Loryn) and some aren’t. While it can be fun to give in to that eye twitch when someone makes a style choice we don’t like, I think it’s smart to keep some perspective.There are usually good arguments to be made for different usage choices, so I’ll go with Diversity as a value for this one.

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Or, you might mean that you were literally above the earth for 6,000 miles.

I picked this one precisely because the team doesn’t agree on it.

Don’t shy away from talking about the good stuff, too.

An honest values system includes both positive and negative points of view.

For today’s post, I asked our editorial team to let us know their peeves — the things that irritate, bother, and annoy them.

I’m going to try to tease those out and figure out the values behind them — and see what that might say about who we are as a company and a community. Stefanie is our editor-in-chief, and as you’d expect, she has a healthy list of grammar and usage peeves. It’s one thing to misplace a comma — it’s another to come at a post in a fundamentally flawed way.

Every time I catch myself writing “over 5%…” in a report, I go back and change it to “more than.” Now, the Associated Press said in 2014 that both “over” and “more than” are acceptable to use with numeric comparisons — as in, “There were over two hundred people at the event.” But you know what? In my mind, “over” mixes the abstract world with the physical realm.

For example, if you were to say, “We flew over 6,000 miles …” you could be saying that you flew more than 6,000 miles.

We’ve written quite a bit lately about identifying core values in your content.

Creating content around a positive value like integrity, fairness, humility, or faith will attract an audience that shares those values — and that fosters a powerful sense of unity.


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