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Fungi are the only known organisms that degrade lignin completely.

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This motor, similar to a wheel and axle, is capable of spinning a flagellum at speeds of 100 revolutions per second, or 6,000 rpm.Fungi can absorb only small molecules such as sugars or peptides less than the size amino acids.The reproductive organs of the fungi are called fruiting bodies or sporangia (e.g., the aboveground structure of a mushroom), which are sacs or other tissues that contain the fungi spores. On land, the amount of hyphae in the soil is measured in hundreds or thousands of meters of length per gram of soil.These small prokaryotic cells, typically from 0.2 to 1 um in length, are capable of living in boiling water, frozen ground, acid volcanoes, and at the bottom of the ocean (for a refresher on the different kinds of "cells", please click here ).They can reproduce by doubling with a generation time of 20 minutes, or survive for centuries in a resting stage.Protozoans are single-celled eukaryotes, not photosynthetic, that move by flagella or cilia.In oceans and lakes, the small 2-10 um long flagellates are the most important predators on bacteria.In natural waters (lakes, streams, oceans) their generation time is around 1 day.In soils they live in a film of water around plant roots or other particles, and their activity is dependent on the temperature and the amount of available moisture.Microbes are organisms that we need a microscope to see.The lower limit of our eye's resolution is about 0.1 to 0.2 mm or 100 - 200 um (microns).


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