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This diagnostic essay tutorial will tell you everything you need to get started on writing the best possible diagnostic essay.While not the most common assignments, diagnostic essays serve a distinct purpose in your education, personal, and professional development.

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This article will dispel many of the fears you may have about writing a critique: a type of academic paper that asks you to analyze a work of art, literature, music, science, or journalism in detail.

Because a critique essay can be considered a relatively advanced exercise, by now you should have mastered many of the fundamental writing techniques.

You are reading this article probably because you have been asked to write an essay and do not really know where Continue Reading...

Writing an essay on a controversial subject—which includes issues like abortion or the death penalty—has become an extremely important exercise at every level of education.

Like any other diagnostic assessment, the diagnostic essay tells your teacher and other members of your education team where you are at right now.

A diagnostic essay can therefore help determine things like placement, or whether you need any special support services to help you Continue Reading...One of the reasons why controversial essays are so often assigned in composition classes is that they help you hone your English communication skills.In fact, controversial essay topics can be assigned in any class and at any level of school.In fact, symbolism is one of the literary devices that differentiates fiction from expository writing.This article will help you understand the form and function of symbolism in literature.We have a number of essay writing tutorials aimed at helping students understand the challenges of various types of writing assignments.Most of our essay writing tutorials focus on past and present current events, reflecting the types of assignments students are likely to encounter in their own course work.We also have tutorials that focus on example essays, providing annotations to some of our most popular example essays so that you can understand why a writer made specific choices when writing that assignment.Combined together, these essay writing tutorials can help you meet any challenges you face, make better grades, and become a better writer.For example, you understand the need for the five-paragraph essay format and structure.You know what a thesis statement is and how to use one to your advantage to create impressive academic papers.


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