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The opposite effect is groupthink, in which team members all too quietly accept initial ideas without sufficient spirited discussion of alternatives.

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Communication also includes respectful dialogue, so replacing “your idea just won’t work” with “I don’t understand why you want to do it that way” changes the atmosphere in the room, raising the willingness of team members to contribute and inviting productive differences of opinion.

When team members rehearse talks within the team, they not only promote team cohesion but probably produce better presentations to outsiders.

You can change it later, but having a clear specification of contributions from each team member is helpful -- whether the plan is short-term work leading to a conference submission or a multiple-year endeavor to deliver major breakthroughs, working systems or mature products.

This strategy requires outlining specific, concrete steps and timelines for completing them.

Teams with mixtures of senior and junior members, women and men, or business and academic members are likely to produce higher-quality work than homogenous teams.

Teams with members of the same discipline can be effective when they have complementary skills, but you should consider team members from nearby or even distant disciplines, who can bring fresh problems, research methods or analytic tools.Teams are often helpful in tackling complex and important problems.They often produce better work because they take on more ambitious projects, bring complementary knowledge and apply diverse research methods.Teams also have larger social networks than individuals do to collect input during research and disseminate results as they emerge.In addition, in the best situations, teamwork promotes not only timely but also high-quality work, as people in the team have a strong incentive to demonstrate excellence to their partners.Creating an effective and productive research team requires thought and planning.Based on my experience working on a variety of teams and extensive research literature, I believe that successful teams have the following characteristics: A strong correlate of team success is a history of fruitful previous collaborations.For example, some people may be great at producing titles, abstracts and introductions, while others may do excellent reviews of previous work.Some team members may focus on evaluations, which others develop compelling and comprehensible data.Team research is the source of some of the great breakthroughs of all time, such as the 1947 invention of the transistor, which took the complementary skills of applied researcher Walter Brattain, quantum theory researcher John Bardeen and solid-state physicist William Shockley.And today, despite the expediency of individual work, researchers are moving strongly and clearly in favor of teamwork because of its often strong advantages.


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