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At the beginning of the play, Hamlet acts out of pure intellect and processed logic. However, he stifles his emotion and retains his doubts about the ghost.

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Friends are usually the ones who look up to and stick up for one another but when they are asked by the king to spy on Hamlet and to see why he has been acting in his current weird ways, they betrayed their once friend by obeying the king's wishes instead of being the true friends to Hamlet.

For we have closely sent for Hamlet hither, That h...

The act of lying to one another, being un loyal and plotting each other's own deaths, lead all the characters to their eventual downfall and death.

Betrayal usually associates itself with the aspect of death in Shakespeare's plays and in Hamlet's case, this is no exception. First Gertrude, Hamlet's mother married Hamlet's uncle Claudius after only three months of his father's death. and his father, but it could also be seen as being disloyal and betrayal towards the people of Denmark by not showing any respect.

Is it acceptable for Hamlet to treat them as he does? Analyze the use of descriptions and images in Hamlet.

How does Shakespeare use descriptive language to enhance the visual possibilities of a stage production?

How does he use imagery to create a mood of tension, suspense, fear, and despair?

Analyze the use of comedy in Hamlet, paying particular attention to the gravediggers, Osric, and Polonius.

When his father, king of Denmark, dies, he returns home to find evidence of foul play in his father’s death.

The Ghost of Hamlet (the dead king) tells Prince Hamlet that his uncle Claudius is the murderer.


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