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The new object is called “experience,” in the word’s most modern sense. It is definite and cumulative, when happiness is ambiguous and pleasure evanescent. ” The mistake commonly in our answers is that they project only a of life.

Any question of “the meaning of life” is usually raised as a joke. Sometimes the method follows from the goal, as religious obedience followed a God who paid attention. Face-to-face with the shortcomings of more respectable goals, we have turned large tracts of our method of life over to experience—unwittingly.

You put them on the shelf, and take them down; or lie awake at night, just wondering at them.

They come with stories, and you put forward your experiences as rivals to the experiences others can tell.

Without love we would have not witnessed mother Theresa, without creativity we could have missed Einstein.

Gandhi, Lincoln, Luther King etc we got these wonderful breeds only by seed called ' Purpose' they were a Purpose Driven.

why the rest of world is in havoc inspite of having same blood and flesh, No it not matters what matters is ' Purpose'.

Purpose may be anything ; it might be love, compassion, creativity, innovation etc..

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