Explain The Structure Of The Five Paragraph Essay

Explain The Structure Of The Five Paragraph Essay-80
Try to make a list of all the ideas, when you research the subject.Pick the strongest issues, which will then shape your arguments.

Before discussing the conclusion you should think about the way your body paragraphs need to be built.

Use transition words, when working on your second paragraph.

A five paragraph essay is quite a popular college assignment.

As you get from its name, it is a paper, which consists of five paragraphs: introduction, three arguments with supportive data, and conclusions, where you sum all the results of your work.

To sum everything up, here are the basic principles for your introduction paragraph: For example, if you are asked to write about racial discrimination, you can start your introduction with a strong statement like ‘Why should people with different skin color be treated worse? You don’t have to answer the question, because it is a rhetorical one.

If you doubt whether your introduction is good enough, you can get familiar with 5 paragraph examples or buy one from our professional writers.

You may be surprised to know that a 5 paragraph essay consists of five paragraphs, which follow a clear structure.

The first one consists of one or two sentences, a thesis statement, and three sentences, which explain what will be discussed in your essay.

With its help you won’t forget about anything and will always stick to the point of the assignment.

Once you complete your hook sentence, engaging the reader, you should proceed with background information on the topic. Recall recent events in the society, economy or politics (depending on your topic) to show why your essay is relevant. It should be brief, catchy and contain a concrete statement, which you will support during the whole essay.


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