Failure Key Success Essay

Failure Key Success Essay-50
I have not become a successful football player for Hinsdale Central by emphasizing practice on the things I already do well.

The producers reached me out and told me to audition.

I filed for a leave of absence and shocked my colleagues when they saw me on television.

When I was a finalist, I knew that this is the moment of success that I had been waiting for.

I landed as a runner up during the finals night of the competition, but it was still the most memorable experience that I experienced the most unforgettable success that permanently changed my life after that particular night.

Sadly, I did not pass the audition, simply because I chose the wrong song.

So I decided to stop dreaming until I became a professional and was employed to a company.As a young professional, I enjoyed the company of my new colleagues while accomplishing daily tasks with the best of our abilities (Dingle, 2014).One day, I was busy navigating online to research on a product that I was going to promote as part of my professional activity.I learn from these errors and fix them in practice to get it right for next week’s game.Every week there is something to be learned from my mistakes on the field and I believe that each week I become a better player because I failed the week before.A singing advertisement popped out in my screen, inviting anyone who is interested in an audition to become the next big singing star.At first, I was reluctant, but then I applied on the last day.I have come to realize that not only is failure inevitable but it is essential to success; recognizing this is what transforms failures from obstacles to opportunities.I have used my failures to help benefit me in multiple aspects of my life.When I entered college, I began to join my classmates to spend time accomplishing group projects as a partial fulfillment of our subject.After accomplishing our requirements, one of our classmates offers us their karaoke or videoke and started singing.


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