Food Microbiology Research Papers

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With the increasing meat demand and awareness of sustainability, concerns have been raised regarding the sustainability of beef production and processing. beef processing industry were conducted from multiple perspectives regarding the environmental, economic, microbial effectiveness of its antimicrobial systems, and human health impacts from foodborne illness, occupational hazards, and environmental pollution.

However, scarce data and inadequate sustainability assessment frameworks for the U. beef processing industry limit the ability to develop new technologies and policies comprehensively without shifting sustainability burdens. First, process-level water and energy usage at a typical large-size ...

An HPLC method for quantitative determination of cholesterol in foods is presented. Humans get the infection by contact and consumption of contaminated meat and meat products.

This involves a C-18 stationary phase using a methanol: 2-propanol mobile phase with an UV detector set at 212 nm. In this study, samples from 38 pig carcasses fit for human consumption from 17 holdings were arbitrarily selected.

The treatments studied were bacteriocins (pediocin Ac H and nisin), organic acids, immobilization, ion chelators, high pressure and irradiation.

These were then compared using statistical analysis so as to identify treatment effects on the dynamics of growth of the spoilage bacteria.

This experiment included the evaluation of residual nitrite levels as affected by temperature (heat shock at 75°C for 20 min and subsequent cooling from 54 ...

A wonderful blend of physiology, nutrition, biochemistry, genetics, biology, evolution, chemistry--what we all need to know as informed citizens.

The method showed linearity in the range 5.0 to 100.0 μg/m L and also good reproducibility with relative standard deviation of 4 ... From each carcass, seven tissue samples were taken and examined for the presence of S. In addition, virulence-associated factors (epf, arc A, sly, mrp) were tested with PCR. suis as compared to conventional testing, mostly in samples from the heart and ...

To meet the growing interest of utilizing microalgae biomass in the production of biofuels and nutraceutical and pharmaceutical lipids, we need suitable analytical methods and a comprehensive database for their lipid components.


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