Food Supply Chain Phd Thesis

Changes in taste and especially texture of products with a modified recipes will be assesed by the methods of sensory analysis.The doctoral thesis realized within the international project will focus on the application of advanced instrumental techniques, mainly high resolution mass spectrometry, for analysis of food raw materials, products thereof and food supplements.Within the frame of international project, ┬┤metabolomic fingerprinting┬┤ approach employing tandem, high resolution mass spectrometry followed by processing of generated data by multi- dimensional chemometric techniques will be optimized.

In line with the current trends and requirements, the thesis will be focused on implementation of new, rapid procedures for trace analysis of various organic contaminants including their metabolites.

Both gas chromatography and liquid chromatography coupled with various types of mass spectrometry will be implemented for this purpose.

Modern analytical methods, based mainly on the technique of ultra-performance liquid chromatography coupled with high resolution mass spectrometry detection, are applied for monitoring these compound levels and the assessment of their stability.

For the assessment of the authenticity of vegetable raw materials, metabolomic fingerprinting technique with application of sophisticated statistical methods for the evaluation of obtained data is applied.

The applications will be concerned with food quality, safety and authenticity evaluation.

Special attention will be paid to approaches based on non-target screening (fingerprinting / profiling).

Modern technologies for enhancing food durability - ohmic heating, pulsed electric field, pascalization, drying, drying at a reduced pressure In this work fat composition in various food products will be monitored.

Subsequently, the possibility of replacing fat with an unfavorable fatty acid composition, especially fat with a high content of saturated and trans-unsaturated fatty acids, which negatively affect the blood lipid profile, will be searched.

content of lipophilic vitamins and minor unusual fatty acids3.

dynamics of the formation of oxidized fatty acids, volatile carbonyl derivatives and oxysterols4.


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