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As previously stated, the basic equation for phi is a b/a=a/b=φ. Now returning to our previous equation, a b/a=φ, we can substitute a for bφ. Substitute these numbers in the quadratic function: x=[-b /-√(b2-4ac)]/2a and you get φ=[1 /-√5]/2.

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Studies show that the lesser the time the new product takes to develop, the lesser the time it will take to grow and establish. Current Ratio The Current Ratio measures the firm's ability to pay current debts from current assets.

The time performance of the product development is very important as it suggests the organizations to reduce the time taken for the development of the product from the initial stage till it reaches to the customer. The formula is (current assets current liabilities).

In his book, the “Liber Abaci”, he explains the usefulness of Hindu-Arabic numeral system in the tracks of transaction in comparison with the Roman numeral system.

The invention of Fibonacci sequence essentially was induced by a commercial interest of rabbit breeding which Fibonacci wrote in his book.

By definition, two numbers are supposed to be in golden ratio, if the ratio of the sum of them to the larger one is equal to the ratio of the larger one to the smaller one.

Indeed, the Fibonacci numbers slightly deviate from the golden ratio.

Before we can begin to discuss the application of the golden ratio we must examine how we translate "a b is to a as a is to b" into the real, usable number 1.6.

Phi is an irrational number, so it's impossible to calculate exactly, but we can calculate a close approximation. Rearranging yields the quadratic equation φ2-φ-1=0. Therefore via previous knowledge of the general form of a quadratic equation (ax2 bx c=0) we can extrapolate the following values for our phi equation: a=1, b=-1, c=-1.

It is prominent in human and animal anatomy, it can be found in the structure of plants, and even the DNA molecule exemplifies the ratio 1.6.

The golden ratio also has applications in other mathematical equations such as logarithmic spirals and the Fibonacci numbers.


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